December 13-14, 2018 Project training took place in the Ministry of Justice of Vilnius. More than 40 professionals were involved in the trainings: lawyers, pre-trial investigation officers, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the State Guaranteed Legal Aid Service, the Seimas Ombudsmen and other institutions. During the introductionary part of the trainings judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania dr. Danutė Jočienė presented the latest trends in the quality standards of legal aid in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. Later, the participants of the training were introduced to the topical aspects of quality assurance of legal aid in the context of Lithuania: access to legal aid, efficiency of its administration, qualification of legal aid providers and evaluation of legal aid. Discussions took place in every aspect, the participants of the training performed practical tasks.

Trainers: dr. Simonas Nikartas (Lithuanian Law Institute), dr. Laurynas Biekša (Lithuanian Bar Association), Laurynas Totoraitis (Lithuanian Law Institute).