Partners coming from three EU Member States are joining efforts to enhance the quality of legal aid

The first meeting to discuss the action plan of the project called “Enhancing the quality of Legal Aid: Common Standards for Different Countries", coordinated by the Law institute of Lithuania, was held on the 14th of February 2017 along with the fellow partners from Lithuania (State-guaranteed Legal Aid Service, Lithuanian Bar Association), Germany (J.W. Goethe's University in Frankfurt am Main) and Netherlands (Dutch Legal Aid Board).

Partners for the project have thoroughly discussed the curriculum and the following tasks for the completion of the first stage of the project. The tasks of the first round will include combining and composing the common thesis of all three countries’ legal aid in criminal proceeding: legal regulations, the functions and procedures of the participating institutions, including control measures and quality assurance concerning Netherlands, Lithuania and Germany. During the first stage of the project, we will also aim to complete the survey of legal aid in criminal case law of the recipients and institutions involved, including the complaints filed for the legal aid at the accounts of the institutions. We will finish the first stage with an international conference that will be held at Vilnius, where the mentioned surveys and analytics will be shared by experts of the EU.