Dario Quintavalle

Dario Quintavalle is the Senior Court Administrator at the Department for Court Administration, Directorate General for Court Staffing and Professional Training at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Italy and  Senior Development Aid Expert and  a Lecturer at the National School of Government since 2002. He holds numerous memberships with various international organisations and has taken part as an expert in a number of projectsjust a few to mention:  Twinning Project “Prevention and Fight against corruption” 2016-2017, Twinning Project “Support to Albanian Civil Service Reform” from 2015, Twinning Project “Renforcement des capacités du Ministère de la Justice et des Juridictions”  from 2016, "Increased Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency of Courts in Moldova“ 2014-2015, UJFP - "Accountability and Effectiveness of the Ukrainian Judiciary Functioning," Civil Service Component Project 2008-2010, etc. 

Mr. Quintavalle is PhD Candidate in Public Management and Governance at the University of Rome II Tor Vergata, Doctoral School of Business Economics, he also holds Master degree in Law from the University of Rome I La Sapienza, Master Degree in ‘Innovation and IT Management in the Public Administration’ from the University of Bologna and Executive Master in Management of Public Administrations from the SDA Bocconi, Milan.