Dr. Anželika Banevičienė

Dr. Anželika Banevičienė is the director of State-guaranteed Legal Aid Service of Lihuania since 2015, in 2014, the director of Vilnius State-guaranteed Legal Aid Service and before that director of Kaunas State-guaranteed Legal Aid Service from 2005 up to 2014, a member of State-guaranteed Legal Aid Co-ordination Council and State-guaranteed Legal Aid Collegium of Lithuania. In 2004–2014, Dr. Anželika Banevičienė also gave lectures on EU Law at Mykolas Romeris University and took part in scientific research in the fields of EU Law and Legal Aid. Banevičienė has also contributed her expert knowledge on legal aid to a number of projects: MS Project Leader and an Expert in EU Twinning light project HR/2009/IB/JH/03TL Improvement of Free Legal Aid Systemin Croatia, 2011–2012, Junior Project Leader and a short time Expert in EU Twinning Project TR 13 IB JH 03 Strengthening Legal Aid Servicesin Turkey, 2016–2018, Short time Expert in EU Twinning Project TR 13 IB JH 03 Implementation of the best European practices with the aim of strengthening the institutional capacity of the Apparatus of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights to protect human rights and freedoms (Apparatus), 2017–2019.