Dr. Vicky Kemp

Dr. Vicky Kemp is a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Law, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). She is an experienced researcher having conducted a number of empirical studies into the criminal process and the criminal justice system. After having completed her doctorate at the University of Cambridge, which focused on youth justice reforms, she joined the Legal Services Commission’s independent Research Centre, which was an internationally recognised and influential leader in the field of access to justice research. In that role, she managed research studies into police station legal advice, criminal legal aid and criminal defence services. At the University of Nottingham, she was involved in a comparative study of safeguards for juvenile suspects, led by the University of Maastricht. More recently, she conducted a study of clinical legal education and experiential learning, which included examining models of best practice in the UK and the US. She is currently working on developing a Police Station App through which to advise suspects of their legal rights and help them to make informed decisions, particularly over the waiver of legal advice. Vicky is a member of the International Legal Aid Group, the European Society of Criminology, the British Society of Criminology and the Nottinghamshire Law Society.